What are Roller Guide for rolling mill?
Roller Guide for rolling mill are a series of rollers that determine the angle and direction of the steel as it is guided through the rolling mill to the mill roll. Since the friction on the milled steel is minimal, seizure is prevented and abrasion marks are reduced, making this machinery vital in improving the yield rate and quality of the product.

3 strengths

  • Reliability and performance

  • Proven technology

  • High quality exclusive to Kotobuki

Reliability and performance

Based on the principle that “the customer comes first,” Kotobuki Sangyo Co., Ltd. provides products that correspond precisely to the customers’ needs. Currently, the company has an 80% share of the domestic market and supplies over 50 overseas steel manufacturers in 16 countries, including Korea, China and the United States.

Proven technology

Through active research & development of milling-related devices used in steel milling, we remain an industry-leading pioneer by:
・Improving quality, increasing yield rate and precision
・Reducing of energy, labour, and manpower
・Bringing our clients’ dreams to reality

High quality exclusive to Kotobuki

Our company’s Roller Guide for rolling mill reduce friction on the milled steel to a minimum, preventing seizure, reducing abrasion marks and thus increasing yield rate and quality. What’s more, the stable quality and shape of steel bars and steel sheets for automobiles enables uniform durability necessary for detailed production, making the manufacture of lighter and smaller parts possible and thus contributing to increased fuel efficiency and freedom of design (increased interior space).