What is a moveable rest bar?

A device that enables the position of guide bars and rest bars at the entrance and exit of mill rolls to be moved or fixed remotely during the heated steel milling process, using electrical or hydraulic equipment.

Moveable Rest Bar

Product introduction


EPG200+RB540CH Main features of EPG200+RB540CH
  1. Rough milling stand roller guide + moveable rest bar
  2. Cylinder mechanism making guide clamp, shift clamp and guide shift possible
  3. Each cylinder mechanism can be operated remotely

M.S.R(Micro-shift rest bar)

M.S.R(Micro-shift rest bar) Main features of the Micro-shift rest bar
  1. A moveable rest bar that enables precise positioning of roller guides for slit milling and the like
  2. Positioning accuracy to within 0.05mm
  3. Complete with guide clamp, guide shift, shift clamp and stand shift clamp mechanisms
  4. Each mechanism can be adjusted remotely

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